Be The Turtle

One of the most important things you can do to improve your relationship with food is to slow down while eating.

Ask yourself:  are you a slow, moderate or fast eater?  Are you eating like the turtle or the hare???  If the answer is the hare, concentrate on slowing down.

Do this by:

  • preparing a nourishing meal
  • setting the table
  • sitting down with no distractions
  • taking 5 calming deep breaths before eating and savoring (not rushing) through your meal

This has so many positive results like:

  • being able to gauge your fullness throughout the meal to avoid overeating
  • getting in tune with what your body craves food-wise
  • improved digestion, metabolism and calorie burning
  • experiencing pleasure from food instead of anxiety
  • a healing effect that builds over time

I know, I know…you’re asking “how can I eat by myself and not watch TV”?  You won’t know how until you try and I can almost guarantee that you’ll have such an enjoyable meal that you won’t want to go back to distracted eating ever again! Just remember the turtle ALWAYS wins the race!

For more information please check out the “Slow Down Diet” by Marc David.