Check Out What Clients Are Saying About Michelle’s Coaching!

“I discovered Life Strides on a Facebook offering for a free teleconference. I listened intently to Michelle Wilson explain her philosophy as I resonated with both the content and her delivery of the information. After purchasing two months of sessions, Michelle recommended appropriate references for my personal growth. I liked the way Michelle listened to my stories and provided weekly stepping stones. I found the experience positive and would recommend Michelle to those who are ready and able to do the inner work required to make changes with psychology of eating concerns.” ~FPEC

“My journey out of Binge-Eating Disorder has been a long, hard road.  This journey has been made much easier with the help of Michelle.  On top of being warm, caring and supremely knowledgeable, she is completely non-judgmental.  This is so important because there is so much shame around my ED that it is wonderful to speak to someone who really is not criticizing or judging me.  Her gentle yet honest advice has kept me on the right path, when every fiber in my body wanted me to choose the unhealthy path.  I would recommend her to anyone who is tired of feeling like a failure, and is ready to embrace life!  Honestly, she is an amazing coach, person and lifesaver!”    ~E.

“I have been working with Michelle as her life coach for 3 years and have guided her in recovering from her Binge-Eating Disorder and encouraging her to follow her passion of helping others with weight and eating issues. Having served as Michelle’s coaching mentor, I can attest to the fact that she is extremely effective in helping clients achieve a healthier relationship with food and a more joyful life. Her own personal experience in overcoming binge-eating gives her the perfect understanding of what her clients are feeling and makes her a compassionate and non-judgmental coach. Every one of my clients that I have introduced to Michelle, have had remarkable results, and were more than happy to have a “sponsor” to help them through the difficult patches. Anyone working with Michelle is truly blessed to have her cheering them on to a better life.”   ~Nancy G.

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