Say What?

Would you say the things you say to yourself to your child, spouse, best friend or parent?  Consider this the next time you throw yourself under the bus with mean thoughts and comments.  How can you “delete” these things from your consciousness?????

Tell me in the comments, they’re open for suggestions!

3 thoughts on “Say What?

  1. When we are born, we are all programmed perfectly. Everything is a miracle, everything is about love, everything is amazing…….then we learn how to focus on ourselves in terms of competition,sickness,getting spanked for being “bad”,later on getting the “grades” that are acceptable, money, and all of the things that have nothing to do with love. So we are born with the knowing of LOVE, and we begin to learn all about fear. With fear comes self sabotage. We begin to think that WE are the problem. There are so many ways that we express how much we hate ourselves.
    I decided that I am going to be “amazed” and forgiving with myself, since I am that way toward everyone that I am working with. I started “letting myself off the hook” by just allowing myself to be imperfect, and allowing myself to accept that we all are somehow “tragically flawed”…or ….as Wavy Gravy says “We are all just Bozo’s on the bus!!” Now I have a very good sense of humor about myself.

  2. I use my mantram but not as frequently as I should. Our bringing up has a lot to do with our self-criticism. Therapy will help but the changes are very gradual.

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