Get Out!

In one of my recent posts, I talked about choosing what to eat by listening to your body.  For example, why do we eat “lighter” foods during the warmer months and “heavier” foods during the cooler months?  The answer is that the properties of these types of foods have cooling or warming affects that keep the body functioning efficiently and feeling healthy.

But, how do we know this?  How do we feel these cravings in our bodies during each season.  I believe the answer is that we need to spend time outside in the natural habitat.  Of course, I don’t expect anyone to stay outside for a prolonged period of time in tundra-like weather or under the scorching sun.  However, if we constantly stay inside with artificial heating or cooling, our body gets confused.  It may think we need tons of fruit in the winter when that only serves to cool us off!  Getting out and enjoying the weather is a great way to get in touch with what your body is craving and what it needs.

If you’re not sure which foods have cooling or warming properties, head to a local farmer’s market to see what’s in season.  These seasonal foods will automatically be filled with the nutrients your body needs to regulate.  So, bundle up or don your swimsuit and get outside!