Who Is “They” And Why Do We Listen?

The human body is truly amazing.  Think of all the functions it performs in perfect synchronicity, yet we sabotage our bodily functions with fad diets, junk food, excessive exercise and other extremes.  We’ve become so disembodied, meaning that we just use our bodies to walk, see, hear, etc., that we don’t really LIVE in them or tune in to what they tell us.  We don’t allow ourselves to become hungry or we ignore hunger cues so we overeat or undereat.  We follow a specific diet because it promises quick weight loss or to cure whatever disease, not because it nourishes our body or feels good.  We run marathons because it sculpts muscles and helps us to lose weight but kills our knees in the process.

The only way we know if these strategies are beneficial is if our bodies tell us they are with positive signs like glowing skin, healthy hair and nails and a strong body.  Some strategies may work well for one person but not for the next.  Some may work well for a few years and then they don’t.  The only way we can gauge this is by listening to what the body tells us.  We have forgone our body wisdom to listen to the advice of the unknown “they.”   Maybe “they” are right but only if the body agrees.

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  1. I somehow missed this post and just read it this morning. It is brilliant in its common sense. So helpful a guide to everyone!

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