The Choice Is Yours!

I’m going to continue with the body image discussion that I started over the last few days because it is such a huge, painful and elusive topic!

In the “I’m The Only One” post, I state that you are the only one who can give approval that can truly impact self-esteem.  Not that others opinions don’t matter but we can’t rely on them to be the foundation of our self-worth or body image.  If we did, we would never be at peace with who we are.  We will never receive the approval of all 7 billion people in the world or 318,000,000 in the US.  There are as many opinions about how we look and how we conduct ourselves as there are people in the world and we do not have the power to make EVERYONE approve.

We DO have the power to approve of ourselves.  We DO have the power to behave with self-respect, maintain good relationships and follow our passions.  We DO have the power to nourish our bodies, challenge our mind, fulfill our heart and elevate our soul.  We also have the power to crush ourselves with one look in the mirror.

The choice is yours…will you choose to believe in the power of your own approval in order to create a happy life or will you turn to self-hatred and continue on a path of slow self-destruction?   What will you choose?

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