1st Day of Treatment – Continued

Even looking back, I can’t fully identify why I shed so many tears that day and throughout my Day Treatment program.  I was definitely overwhelmed with emotion I was unaccustomed to feeling since I stuffed them down with food for so long.  I remember feeling relief that I wasn’t a failure because I couldn’t lose weight…I was diagnosed with and being treated for a legitimate disorder that prohibited me from doing so with conventional weight loss methods.  It was reassuring that others were going through the same struggles I was but I was surprised to learn that not all women thought the same way I did about food and weight.    I was embarrassed that I needed to have this treatment and ashamed that I was crying in front of strangers – I didn’t want anyone’s pity or to appear weak.  I was also ashamed and embarrassed about my heavy weight.  I know this is all paradoxical but my thoughts at that time were a little mixed up and all over the place!  I guess that’s why I needed to be there so badly.

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