News from Eating Psychology Conference

Greetings from Boulder, Colorado!  The conference has been amazing so far with a lot of inspiring stories of those who have recently become Eating Psychology Coaches.  There was also a lot of talk about the future of nutrition which is uncertain at the moment.  Currently,  the field is in chaos.  The good news is that there is usually a period of chaos before a breakthrough.   In the meantime, think about your own experience with deciding what to eat.  How confusing is it?  What research is believable?  There is a lot of bad and skewed research and also great research but most is  conflicting.   The bottom line is to let your life, your values, your intuition and body wisdom drive what you eat.  There is no easy answer.  Eating is as personal and unique as your own individual style of dress.  Get out there, explore and decide for yourself the best way to eat based on what TRULY nourishes you and feels good.  Stay tuned for more from Boulder tomorrow!

Enjoy, live and love, M

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  1. That is exactly what my intuition has always led me to, my own nutrition. It is very difficult to stick to one theory since there are so many. I have been experiencing the sense of chaos regarding food myself. Too much information.

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