Heading Home

Today I’m headed back to NY after an amazing and enlightening conference experience.  We learned, in the most remarkable way, about coaching clients    as our teacher, leader and mentor, Marc David coached us as we shared our stories.  He led us through journaling exercises that had us digging deep which brought about revelations for most of us.  It wasn’t a conference where we were talked at or information was regurgitated.  It was a soulful experience of self – exploration with a group of people who were kind, loving and brave.  All this while we laughed and had fun!  I’ve never been in a room with 200 people who were as compassionate, accepting, smart, courageous and committed to paying forward a message of self-love and joyful living as this tribe.   I am so honored, humbled and grateful to be a part of this community.

In the coming days, I’ll be sharing my revelations and giving tips on how to have your own breakthroughs.  I need a little time to process this experience!

Thanks to Marc David, Emily Rosen and the IPE staff for making this program not just a coaching certification course but a life altering experience. You are all truly amazing.