Control Freaks

To me, the word control has a negative connotation.  One of the definitions of control, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is “to have power over.”  There are some instances where control is a good thing…like when operating heavy machinery but, in life and dealing with feelings or emotions, control is usually an illusion.  We know we can’t control others (even children) and when we try to control ourselves, we become wound so tight that the pressure needs to be released somehow.  The release is, especially for me, destructive and usually in the form of binge-eating.  The need for control (and we all have it!) results in some type of struggle and can be exhausting especially when binge-eating is involved.  Every tightly controlled diet and exercise program throws us binge-eaters into a binge.  What would happen if we let go of the control?  I bet we’d be surprised by the outcome.  Let’s experiment – let go of the control for a couple of days and see what happens and please post your experiences!  See you in the Comments!

Double the Trouble

This is what I know about a binge.  The very issue or feeling I’m trying to escape eventually needs to be felt.  Unfortunately, escaping in the form of a binge results in additional bad feelings (i.e. shame, guilt).

In the end, bingeing just doubles the negative feelings that need to be processed.  It’s such a great coping mechanism in the moment but leaves tremendous damage in its wake.