Is More Better?

So, I’ve been cleaning out my closets.  How did I end up with 2 of everything, especially coats…2 raincoats, 2 wool coats, 2 leather jackets, etc?  Oh yeah, I had them in 2 different sizes because this is what happens when you gain and lose weight, you need duplicates in different sizes.  Many people who gain weight will not buy new clothes because they refuse to buy stuff in bigger sizes but it’s hard to avoid with coats because you need to keep warm in cold climates.  So, I ended up with 2 of everything.

I write about this in a “flip” way but, when faced with this situation, it is very anxiety provoking and painful.  Breaking down to buy the bigger size feels like failing.  Failing to keep the weight off, failing ANOTHER diet and failing to be good enough.  What’s worse is that the new item represents and serves as a reminder of that failure.

But how do we stop yo-yoing between weights?  We do it by not dieting, through normalized and mindful eating, addressing the root cause of the emotional overeating and through self-love.  That is what I’ve done and why I just got rid of the bigger size 🙂