Event #2

Back in January I blogged about an event I went to where people I hadn’t seen in many years attended and which caused me great anxiety.  The good news is I survived and the even better news is that I have a similar event today about which I have very little anxiety.  In thinking about why my anxiety has decreased, I’ve come up with 2 reasons.  One is that I endured the first event which went better than expected.  The second is that my revelation that “I’m The Only One” who needs to approve of myself eliminated some of the thoughts about what others will think of my weight.  I’m not gonna lie…I have a little anxiety and have thoughts about what others will think but they don’t hold as much weight (pardon the pun!) as before thereby diminishing their importance.  Maybe, just maybe, I can see my way to a healthier body image and self-esteem someday soon.

I’m sorry that I missed posting over the last few days.  I continued to have technical issues with my website that are resolved and I look forward to being back daily.  If you like what you’re reading, please share with your friends and subscribe to get new posts sent directly to your email!

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