Treatment – Con’t

Last week, I mentioned that my treatment center provided a foundation on which I based my transformation.  Basically, the eating strategy in treatment consisted of eating what I wanted in normal portions when I wanted, eating balanced meals and no bingeing.  Diets were not a welcome strategy but exercise was encouraged in moderation and only doing something you liked.  I followed an “exchange” program to help normalize my eating and to ensure balanced meals…it felt like a diet.  Remember Weight Watchers when they had the exchanges?  It felt like that.

During day treatment, I had no binges and followed the eating plan pretty well (I was in perfection mode!) Once I stepped down to the evening program and went back to work, it all pretty much flew out the window although the binges weren’t as frequent or intense.  Once I quit my job and moved home, I felt like I was starting over once again.

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