What To Expect

Here are a few things you should know about Michelle’s Binge Eating Coaching:

  1. This process is not a “quick fix” to eating and weight loss but a “lifetime healing.”  We do not promise that you will lose ‘x’ number of pounds in a week, month or year.
  2. Everyone’s coaching journey is different and will be tailored to your specific challenges and needs.
  3. Michelle is not a Registered Dietician or a Licensed Therapist/Social Worker/Psychologist but she will guide you to access these services should that level of support become necessary.
  4. The strategies that Michelle uses are meant to be practiced, not perfected.  There is learning involved which is the fun part!
  5. Honesty!  Michelle will be completely honest with you and this process will only work if you are completely honest with yourself…and her too.
  6. Be prepared for some soul-searching and self-discovery!
  7. This work is sometimes emotionally charged and can be uncomfortable.  We need to go through this stage to get to the lifetime healing!
  8. There is no judgment by Michelle about the things you do or don’t do.
  9. Michelle is not here to “fix” you.  You are not broken.  YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!


Disclaimer: Michelle Wilson Emotional Eating Coaching does not assess nutrition needs and status; recommend appropriate dietary regimens, nutrition support, and nutrient intake; improve health status through nutrition research, counseling, and education; or develop, implement, and manage nutrition care systems. Michelle Wilson Eating Psychology Coaching does not engage in the practice of clinical social work or psychology which includes methods of a psychological nature used to evaluate, assess, diagnose, treat, and prevent emotional and mental disorders and dysfunctions (whether cognitive, affective, or behavioral), sexual dysfunction, behavioral disorders. Psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, sex therapy, counseling, behavior modification, consultation, client-centered advocacy, crisis intervention, and the provision of needed information and education to clients is not practiced or used when working with clients.


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