Moody Blues

Since I’ve been feeling emotions and not numbing them out, I’ve noticed that I tend to be moody meaning I can be happy one minute and angry the next.  How interesting that I condemned myself for being moody when it is a completely normal state of being for a human.  I asked, “how long will I feel this way?” and “how can I regulate my moods?”  The answer is that my emotions will swing throughout the day but how I react to them makes all the difference. After all, I don’t want to run away from them (we know that doesn’t work…hello, binge-eating disorder!) because my emotions are me.  Face them, manage them with love and move on is the strategy!

One thought on “Moody Blues

  1. Yeah I’m amazed at how quickly emotions pass. Sometimes I’ll be so ‘angry, anxious, frustrated’ or whatever and 2 hours later can barely remember what was wrong earlier 🙂

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