Holiday Eating Survival Tip #4: Evaluate past holiday experiences


Happy Chanukah!

It’s hard to believe that we are 4 weeks into the holiday season!  Chanukah starts tomorrow night and Christmas is next week!  So, to continue to help you through this holiday season, I’ll cover Holiday Survival Tip #4: Evaluate past holiday disasters, ah, I mean experiences.

Look back on this year’s Thanksgiving meal and holiday parties already attended and observe your eating behavior.  Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Did you eat food that you didn’t like just because it was there?
  2. Did you enjoy and savor those holiday treats that come around once a year?
  3. Did you overindulge in alcohol or food?
  4. Did you have a confrontation with a relative?
  5. Was your significant other driving you crazy?
  6. Did you eat balanced meals throughout the day before the celebration?
  7. What were you feeling when you walked into the event?  Stressed?  Excited?  Anxious?  Lonely?

All of your answers inform you about your eating behavior. Look back on how you ate without judgment because you’re just trying to gather information and beating yourself up about it doesn’t help!  Once you’re aware of your eating behavior, you can begin to understand why you did what you did and take steps to make different choices.  For example, if you had an altercation with a relative at the beginning of the party, did you eat your way through the rest of the event?  If so, it’s quite possible that the emotions resulting from the altercation bugged you enough that you had to eat to “numb out” the feelings.

This level of understanding is invaluable to making different choices in the future.  Knowing this information won’t magically change your eating behavior but it gives you a fresh way to look at WHY you’re eating making it a bit easier to choose differently at the next holiday celebration.





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