Holiday Eating Survival Tip #3: Enjoy holiday foods!


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My Holiday Eating Survival Toolkit continues with Holiday Eating Survival Tip #3: Enjoy holiday foods that come along once a year. Eat them mindfully and you’ll get more pleasure from them and won’t overdo it. Try not to beat yourself up or have thoughts of guilt around eating holiday treats, they’re delish!

We have so much guilt over eating holiday food that is considered “bad”.  How can we remove that guilt and embrace our favorite holiday foods?  Why should we enjoy holiday food if it’s only “bad” for us?  Here are my strategies and reasons for throwing out the guilt of eating your favorite holiday foods this season: 

  1. There is no good or bad food.  It’s just food.  It’s true that there are more nutritious foods and less nutritious foods, however, attaching a good or bad label to the food we eat serves to label our behavior as good or bad.  The labels are untrue…it’s just food and you’re just eating!  Resisting “bad” food out of sheer will triggers feelings of deprivation that throw us into a binge.  How about eating food because it tastes good instead of using “good” or “bad” labels to judge it?  Use the sensations of how your body feels after you’ve eaten to determine if it’s something you’d like to indulge in again.  The very food you thought you loved at holiday time may become one that makes your stomach upset or doesn’t satisfy anymore.  This is a subtle difference in thinking but it takes you out of “deprivation” mode and into a “loving your body” mindset which makes deciding what to eat less of a struggle.
  2. Allowing yourself to enjoy holiday food guilt-free removes the allure of that food.  We want more of what’s forbidden so taking the mystique out of holiday treats removes the magnetic hold it has over us.   
  3. Holiday food comes around once a year so we become frenzied in our haste to get our fill before it disappears.  Please know that you don’t have to look forward to it only once a year. There is no law that says you can’t have the holidays in July and eat your favorites then!
  4. Eat those amazing holiday goodies mindfully.  Savor them, enjoy them and eat them slowly.  You’ll eat less…test the theory and click here to let me know how it works for you in my Facebook comments. 

I highly encourage you to use this holiday season as an experiment.  Take note of what you’re eating and how it makes you feel.  You may be surprised that the eggnog just doesn’t do it for you anymore!   

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