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They’re heeeerrrrrreeee…The Holidays!   Some of us love ‘em and some of us hate ‘em. Despite how you feel about the holidays, the common thread throughout the season is the abundance of FOOD. Since the topic of holiday eating is pretty broad, I have decided to put together my Holiday Eating Survival Kit and write a series of blog posts between now and the New Year to help you navigate the holidays with joyful cheer!

Gingerbread House

“Gingerbread House And Snowman” by Serge Bertasius Photography

For some, the holiday season is something to “be gotten through” and many of us eat our way through it to cope with the stress of multiple parties, shopping, cooking and relatives! I’m here to tell you that there are things you can do to get through them without eating every room in the gingerbread house.

Here are the tools in my “Holiday Eating Survival Kit” which I will cover in detail during the coming weeks of the season.

Holiday Survival Tip #1: Set your intention. Imagine the best case scenario for an event or activity and set that as your intention. You’ll be surprised when that best case scenario actually comes to fruition.

Holiday Survival Tip #2: Eat balanced meals throughout the day. Not eating or eating “light” during the day in anticipation for a party in the evening sets up a potential binge.

Holiday Survival Tip #3: Enjoy the foods that come along once a year. Eat them mindfully and you’ll get more pleasure from them and won’t overdo it. Try not to beat yourself up or have thoughts of guilt around eating holiday treats, they’re delish!

Holiday Survival Tip #4: Evaluate past holiday disasters, ah, I mean experiences. Did you have a confrontation with a relative? Was your significant other driving you crazy? Did you overindulge in alcohol or food? If so, ask yourself why and what you can do to avoid those feelings and experiences this year.

Holiday Survival Tip #5: Manage the stress of the holiday as best you can. We know that low level, chronic stress decreases digestion and calorie burning capacity (click here to read about this in more detail). The more you can limit or manage stress proactively will lesson the need for food to deal with it.

Holiday Survival Tip #6: Peace on earth. OK, you can’t achieve world peace in 6 weeks all alone but you can work to find peace within yourself. Once you find a sense of peace, even if it’s just for a minute, you’re on your way to view things differently and with more compassion (for yourself AND others).

Start to think about these tips and how they apply to you. My philosophy is that weight issues and emotional eating isn’t really about the food but about WHY we are using food to cope. Figuring out how the holidays trigger out of control eating can help you enjoy this time of year more than you did when you were 10!

Please be sure to tune in over the next 6 weeks to get more in depth coaching tips from my Holiday Eating Survival Kit.

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