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This week, I wanted to remind you that I’m hosting a FREE webinar called Webinar-Art-April-14,-2015“Nourishing Weight Loss for Binge Eaters” on Tuesday, April 14, 2015 at 8pm EST.

This webinar topic will benefit anyone who wants to lose weight, not just binge eaters (I know…the title seems a bit deceiving!). I will be sharing weight loss strategies that are nurturing, free from deprivation and filled with self-love, not the self-hate that typically accompanies traditional weight loss diets.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried many weight loss diets that have worked for a short time but never found the long-lasting strategy that heals your relationship with food and your body for good. We start a diet and beat ourselves up if we’re “bad”, if we don’t lose 5 pounds the first week and if we can’t fit into our “skinny” jeans by {insert your event of choice here!}.

One of the traps we’ve fallen into is that the intention behind our desire to lose weight isn’t a long-term motivator.  We need to want to lose weight for the right reasons and that means re-setting our intentions.

What if I told you that the most effective intention is to gain a normal relationship with food and weight loss takes a backseat? Seems weird, but it’s the only way I (and many others smarter than me!) have found to be successful.

To that end, I’ll cover three main things in this webinar:

  1. Re-booting your mindset around eating, bingeing, losing weight and your body.
  2. Acknowledging the science behind weight loss without becoming obsessed with the “counting” and “numbers” of it all.
  3. Increasing your awareness and understanding of eating principles and helping you uncover who you are as an eater.

I’ve tried all of these strategies and they’ve worked for me and others I’ve coached along my journey.

This is a journey…it’s wonderful and often frustrating and torturous but once you “flip the switch” and realize that eating issues are symptoms of a life unfulfilled, you’ll be well on your way to a healthier relationship with food and yourself. Oh yeah…and you’ll likely lose weight in the process!

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