You Will Get There

You Will Get ThereA good friend sent me this quote last summer and she was right, I am getting there…in my own time over which I have no control.  What I mean is that being frustrated over things not going fast enough (i.e. losing weight) is futile because it will happen when it happens, when you’re ready and not a moment before.  There is a Divine flow to things in life that can’t often be explained – it just is.  This is a great test in patience for me but when I “relax, breathe, and be patient” a sense of calm comes over me and everything is OK again.


Mary O’Malley writes in The Gift of our Compulsions:

“Healing is about becoming yourself – not an idea of what you should be, not an ongoing project that always needs to be better or different, but truly and authentically yourself – alive, joyous, trusting and full of love.”

Heaven or Hell

“The mind is its own place and in itself, can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.”

~John Milton

I love this quote because it perfectly describes the power of the mind and reminds us to use it with great care.  We can think ourselves in and out of positive and negative perspectives despite the reality of any situation.  Of course, we have emotions which cannot be ignored but healthfully managing them can be the difference between joy and pain, acceptance and suffering.  This is a staggering revelation and it’s unbelievable to imagine that we have this magnitude of power over ourselves.  Happiness and joy are within our grasps but only if we’re brave enough to think ourselves to make and stay in Heaven.

Enjoy, Live and Love, Michelle