Toss The Diet

“I’ve tried every diet, have followed it to the letter and I still can’t lose weight!”

Have you said this to yourself countless times?  I know I have because I found that no matter what weight loss diet I followed, I never stuck to it and, if I did, I gained the weight back plus more.  UGH…so frustrating!  What was wrong with me?  After 30 years of yo-yo dieting, I realized that the problem didn’t lie with me or my willpower but with the actual concept of a weight loss diet.

Weight loss diets cause you to deprive yourself of the very nutrition you need to keep your metabolism working at optimal levels.  They cause you to feel guilty for eating when you need food to survive.  They also strip the built in pleasure you get from eating so you would continue to do it.

Throwing a weight loss diet out the window is empowering because it allows you to return to your true eating self but it isn’t a license to binge on unhealthy junk food.  I know you’re saying, “That’s great, Michelle, but HOW do I actually do this?”  It’s easier than you think but it’s not without some challenges so here are 3 things you can practice to get started.

1.  Slow down your eating!  The only way you can hear your body tell you it’s full is if you are fully present during a meal and are eating slowly.  Once you feel full, try to leave whatever is on your plate. It’s also a way to re-introduce pleasure into the eating experience.

2.  Eat higher quality food!  Have you heard the buzz word “buy local”?  I highly recommend it because it is a simple and easy way to increase the quality of your food.  You know it’s fresh because it hasn’t traveled far, you know it’s in season and it’s a great way to discover new, delicious food.  Don’t know how to prepare it?  Ask the folks who are selling it, they’ll know what to do with it!

3.  Deprive yourself of deprivation!  We want anything that is off-limits and food is no exception.  Once we deprive ourselves of a certain food we want it and we want a lot of it!  Why not allow yourself to have that chocolate chip cookie (or whatever!), eat it slowly and grab it from a bakery or make it yourself instead of getting it pre-packaged?  You’ll be surprised how this will make the “off-limits” treat much less interesting.

There are a lot of other things you can do to successfully toss the weight loss diet which I will share during my conference call on Tuesday, August 19, 2014 entitled “Why Can’t I Lose Weight?”

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Do We Have To?

What if we didn’t worry about how much we weighed?

What if we didn’t care about what others thought about how much we weighed?

What if we loved our bodies no matter how much they weighed?

What would our lives look like if we just didn’t?

The Great and Powerful Oz?

Since Dr. Oz testified, I’ve been more interested in finding out what he says about weight loss so I went to the source…his website.  I don’t watch the show because I always felt that he didn’t know what he was talking about regarding weight loss and I’ve heard that some of his shows contradict each other.  But, I was curious and I should be checking out the competition 😉

On his website, he lists “100 top weight loss tips” and, as expected, there are some really helpful tips that will work and some that won’t work for most.

His helpful tips include (they probably sound familiar to my faithful readers!):

  1. Slow down while eating
  2. Don’t eat while distracted
  3. Enjoy life
  4. Eat seasonally

Not so helpful tips include:

  1. Watch your weight and weigh yourself.  Yikes – see my earlier blog post about this.
  2. Identify triggers and picture your goal weight when they hit to resist temptation…um, if it were that easy, we’d all do it!
  3. Use a tape measure instead of a scale….really?!?!  That will only serve to throw us into a bad body image day.

Just like everything else, there are pros and cons to everything and that is why no one plan works for everyone.  You need to be discerning when it comes to what will work for you and your body, YOU know what is best.  The challenge is that there is so much contradictory information out there that it’s hard to know what to do or where to start.  That’s where I come in!

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Wizard of Oz

I’m sure everyone has heard about Dr. Oz testifying before the US Congress regarding comments made on his TV show about some products being “magic weight loss cures.”  During his testimony, members of Congress scolded him for purporting that these products are miracle cures or quick fixes for weight loss stating that it misleads the American public.  I don’t disagree but I think Congress was making an example of Dr. Oz that can apply to companies and people who claim to have the magic cure.

I have to ask myself what the true motivation is for people to lose weight.  Is it to look better, avoid disease, contain healthcare costs for obesity related illness or to be healthy?  Maybe it’s a combination.  However, the way in which most people go about losing weight through starvation diets, extreme exercising, drugs, supplements and radical surgery isn’t working.  Yet, there are more and more claims that these types of approaches are the next miracle.  In fact, the diet and diet related industry is a $50 billion a year enterprise yet we still seeing rising obesity rates. Additionally, 98% of people who go on a weight loss diet gain the weight back (plus more) within 1 year.

There is something inherently flawed with either the motivation or the way in which we attempt to shed weight.  Clearly we need a different approach, one that is uniquely tailored to the individual, based on self-love instead of self-hate and includes uncovering the emotional reasons for over-eating, maintaining macro nutrient balance, high quality food and joyful movement.  This is how the field of Eating Psychology approaches weight loss which is considered the secondary result of exploring the emotional factors.  It’s a kind and gentle approach and one that succeeds in helping people create a joyful life and healthy mind, bodies and souls.

Kind Eating

I went to a wedding a very long time ago where the parents of the bride gave this advice:  “Be Kind To Each Other.”  This is brilliant advice which is why I remembered it for all these years when I can’t remember what I did yesterday!  Why not be kind to yourself?  We are rarely kind to ourselves when it comes to our weight, body image or eating habits.  We are filled with self-loathing instead.  What would happen if we were kind regarding our eating?  Would we start to eat better quality food and eliminate the processed stuff?  Would we start listening to our body wisdom?  Would we take the time to educate ourselves about all of the different ways of eating to craft our own unique eating plan?  The ideas are endless but it all starts with being kind to ourselves.

What will you do today to be kind to yourself?  Head to the comments and let me know!

Why don’t you….?

Do something for yourself today.  Get a manicure, massage, take a hike or just walk the dog with no distractions.  Slow down and enjoy the day doing something nice for yourself.   You’ll be surprised at how great it feels.   Go ahead and pamper yourself…I’m giving you permission 😉