Michelle Wilson

Michelle Wilson struggled with Binge-Eating Disorder (click here to read Michelle’s Story of Hope published on the National Eating Disorders website) and being overweight for most of her life and has experienced the torture often associated with these symptoms. Interestingly enough, she’s grateful to these experiences because they led her on a journey to seek her own balance with life and food. In this search, she found her passion and life’s work which is to guide those with binge eating, extra weight and other eating issues to a joyful and peaceful existence. She LOVES doing this work and is excited to share what she’s learned during her own transformation.   She’s been there and has navigated these waters personally so she can help you too!  Michelle used Eating Psychology principles and other strategies to find her own balance and is so very excited, privileged and honored to use her Emotional Eating Coaching Certification to guide others to a healthy relationship with food.

Before discovering her passion, Michelle was an accomplished healthcare administrator, with 20 years’ experience developing and managing healthcare programs for prestigious institutions including Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Yale University School of Medicine and NYU Medical Center.  She is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives and has logged tons of volunteer hours for various organizations.

Combining her new-found passion along with her healthcare experience allowed her to create a fun, effective and soul-inspiring coaching program that works!

Michelle loves playing tennis and golf, cooking, practicing yoga, interior design, traveling and the beach.

“Enjoy, live and love” is Michelle’s motto and, if she can live this way, YOU can live this way.  Let her help you get there!

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